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Posted By Admin, November 16th, 2016

I have a friend at the escort agency who is always going on about how she just loves ‘the seasons’ and that she can’t wait for the dark nights and the winter chill because she can wear her most stylish and sexy coats and dresses and thigh length leather boots!

Well, this sexy escort likes the long hot summer! For me there is nothing better than stripping down to just the essentials and enjoying the warm touch of the sun on my skin! Being on a beach and wearing a teeny weeny tiny bikini is my idea of heaven and I just love the admiring glances when I reveal all, or almost all, to a throng of admiring hunks.

I once was on holiday and a guy approached me on the beach and asked if he could take a few photographs. Turns out he was a semi-professional photographer and when he saw me in all my glory he just couldn’t help but ask if I was OK with a sexy, sun-kissed shoot. Well, as a girl well-known for her try anything once attitude I was well up for it and pretty soon I was squatting in the surf and making my sexiest sex faces, making love to the camera in about as many positions as you can imagine. It felt really sexy to have the surf caress me whilst I twisted and turned, posed and pouted and pretty soon I could see that I was making a very decent job of it as a crowd had gathered to enjoy my sexploits! LOL. I should have charged them for the sexy show but whatever, I got a thrill out of ‘performing’ and there was one guy in particular I was really attracted to so I fantasised that the two of us were alone in the bedroom and I was behaving in a dirty, sexy, outrageous way for him and him alone (later that afternoon I was indeed but that is another – and x rated – story so I’ll have to disappoint if you are eager for the details!).

Now that kind of thing just couldn’t happen in the middle of a British winter! Even as I write my blog I am sitting cold and wrapped up (love that phrase, ‘wrapped up’) and trying hard to ignore the wind whistling through the eaves of my old place. What is sexy about being cold?

Hermione – my escort friend so wild about winter – disputes my reasoning of course. She tells me that the sexiest encounter she ever experienced was on a fur rug in front of a raging fire in a log cabin. To me it sounds like she is just replaying the plot of some soft porn she’s been watching but she swears it is true. She’s from Eastern Europe and says that we don’t really know what cold is in this country but where she comes from deep snow is an opportunity for seclusion and sex! I do love her open-mindedness and also the matter of fact way that she puts things. So perhaps her story is true and actually even as I type it I’m thinking about how I could make her fantasy my reality! There is a client who has asked me to join him on a skiing trip. I haven’t said yes or no yet. As someone who has never been skiing it didn’t really appeal. But thinking about Hermione’s story I may just pack some sexy lingerie and a ski mask and go and have some fun. I must insist on a log cabin, a raging fire and a bearskin rug of course!