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Oh No!
Posted By Admin, September 22nd, 2015

On my 50th birthday I treated myself to a new Bentley continental GT. I would like to say that I have worked hard for my pleasures especially my girlfriend of over two years and if I may say so my self a work of art of 25 years old of Blonde hair of 5 foot 10 of slim size 6 to 8 of blue eyes and of course big natural tits who I literally plucked out of the window from a KFC drive through. She took an instant like to me, I did happen to be driving my Ferrari at the time and she happened to write her mobile number on the receipt.

I have started to cut down on work and concentrate on elixir of life, I swim I jog I cycle, I eat healthy, I’m as fit as fuck and I don’t look 50 don’t act 50 and don’t think 50. I would go as far to say that I am also a good-looking fucker.

Life could get better or so I though then my whole world fell in, She’s not pregnant before you jump to conclusion, she has not left me, I’m still wealthy, my company is still doing well, no body has died. Its worse that all that I cant get a hard on.

I start the other day out of the blue, Gemma was riding my cock and suddenly it went limp for no apparent reason, I had nothing on my mind apart from filling her tight fanny with my love juices when BAM! Soft as cottage cheese. I just don’t know what happened its surreal; fucking is a big part of my life.

Then of course I got all the shit, like a hurricane of shit direct into my face. “Don’t I do it for you anymore” “don’t I turn you on no more” “don’t you love me anymore” “ is there anyone else” etc. etc. etc.

I decided to get help! I searched the Internet for some Viagra; found it bought it popped the little pill and nothing, absolutely nothing. OMG what the fuck was I to do. I decided to head to the doctors and this was the first visit since I was 21 when I caught the clap. The doctor I got was a woman (yes it gets worse) she done her usual blood pressure tests and the your getting old lecture, she prescribed to me Viagra and I told her been there done that wore the T-shirt and me john Thomas didn’t respond. She explained that the Internet was full of fakes and could have just been a bit of candy.

Of the chemist prescription in hand thinking nothing of it until the looks from the fit young Asian pharmacist, I was tempted to shout out there not for me there for my mate. When I got back in the car I decided to pop the pill and head home, 30 minutes later I had a fuckimg lamppost in my boxers. I rang ahead to her to be naked and expect some fire works. Well I fucked her black and blue for 30 minutes, had an almighty orgasm and laid back for a breather, it was then I realised there was problem, Me cock was still rock hard and I had her parents coming over for Drinks and a meal.

Oh no! 7 hours I ended up with a stiffy, I sat the dinner table and didn’t move, how could I what an embarrassment that would have been. I still have my problem and now the random act of sex has no become choreographed. 7 or 8 pm pop a pill 30 minutes later have a fuck 7 hours later had on gone.