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Truly Shafted
Posted By Admin, September 14th, 2015

Micha and me been together for 5 years, we have a great relationship and seem to click at everything we do, the great thing with us is that although we live together we don’t live in each other’s pocket. Next week is my 30th Birthday and our 5th year together having met on my birthday night out.

I’m no prude but the other day listening to my mates conquest with one night stand, their wife’s and their girlfriends I have come to the conclusion my sex life is rather dull, even though I thought it was far out and up their.

I don’t really like watching porn as in my opinion its sort of cheating but just recently I have been watching porn a lot and Jesus H Christ has it open my eyes. I decided to be brave and send Micha a text to celebrate our anniversary with a special request.

Me: Hi honey how’s it going

Micha: good and you

Me: you know same old shit at work just another day

Micha: change your job


Me: you know its our anniversary next week and my Birthday, if I send you something, like a request for next week would you not get offended?

Micha: No I wont get offended but you may not get the answer you want

Me: ok cool, you know you say we have a great sex life, can we spice it up? I want to try "Anal"

Micha : sounds good to me x x x x

Fucking ring my bell, I couldn’t believe how easy that was, I’m going to fuck my bird up the arse then I will have something to brag about next time we're in the pub. The subject was never brought up again until the day it came around, and I had been walking around with the hardest of hard on’s all week. I decided to splash out on a couple of bottles of Moet Chandon for the occasion knowing that 3 glasses for her and she be comes super slut. Micha texted me later that after noon.

Micha: might be a little late home tonight!

Fuck she backing out
Me: oh, ok how late

Micha: need to pop into sex shop on the way home pick up some birthdays treats up for the birthday boy

Me: cool xxxxxx

Birthday treats, happy days!

Me and Micha opened and finished our first bottle of champers then decided to take the other bottle to bed, when we got into the bedroom she told me, she was going into the bathroom put her sexy outfit on, she told me to get a porno going on the TV. A porno fucking hell we never ever watched a porno together so I streamed a bit of lesbo porn to drop a subtle hint as well. 10 minutes later she still in the bathroom, I’m hard as fucking concrete and ready to burst when she comes out of the bathroom, stockings, suspenders see through bra, bright red slutty lipstick and............a strap on cock the size of a road bollard. Now then, It was then I realised I should have dotted the eyes and crossed the T’s because it was becoming apparent it was me that was getting fucked up the arse.

I didn’t get to brag about my encounter with my mates on our night out, in actual fact I get to go out. I was struggling to sit in a comfortable position for too long.